We introduced Young Henrys alcoholic ginger beer to the world with a couple of wild (but not entirely true) origin stories.

Young Henrys needed to tell Australia about its new ginger beer product and they wanted to do it in a way that no other alcohol brand could. Having delivered much of its prior marketing in-house, the leading brewer wanted to ensure that we would preserve their down-to-earth, laugh-out-loud schtick.

Alcohol brands love to lean on their history and heritage, even when they haven’t got much. We’ve all seen it before: grainy footage of a moustachioed man tasting the first drop, spilling a bit in the process, and declaring it a timeless classic. We didn’t want to do that. For a brand like Young Henrys, we wanted to tell a very different origin story — one that channelled its roots in the noble pursuits of loud music, surfing, skating and generally having a laugh with your mates.

We told Young Henrys ginger beer origin stories in a very Young Henrys way through two larger-than-life tales. Both were over the top in the best kind B-Movie way (the B is for Bite).

Our two origins stories presented by Sydney breakfast radio personality Fitzy, as well as punk band These New South Whales, we celebrated the bit of the new brew through epic battles between ginger farms and crocodiles, and the sinister tale of a tiny-hatted mad scientist who wanted to create the perfect croc/ginger hybrid super form.

As Young Henrys new ginger beer was quietly making its way into bottle shops and bars around the country, we opted for a quieter organic launch of our first origin story, featuring These New South Wales. The public was quick to bite, with a terrific response through social channels for our launch content, as well as for the ginger beer itself.

Aside from its release on social and digital channels, we ensured Young Henrys retained its place as a local brewery for the people, and place the origin stories in local independent cinemas too.

Oscar McMahon, Co-founder Young Henrys

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