Dr. Chris Brown Travel Series: Night Photography

Leo Burnett

Canon wanted an online series that taught people about photography using Canon equipment in engrossing, lifestyle-influenced content.

The tutorials needed to be seeded with content that matched typical user searches around particular subjects.

In collaboration with Leo Burnett, Paper Moose structured a travelogue series presented by Canon ambassador, and all-round TV superstar, Dr. Chris Brown.

Each episode took Chris further along his journey to varying locations, allowing him (and therefore us as well) to explore different camera techniques.
Every step along his adventure revealed different surprises, techniques, and encounters that were matched by a different photo style,
all packaged together by Chris’ warm and friendly screen presence.

Travel Photography with Chris Brown fused stunning cinematography and a great story, all helping to pull the viewer in to enjoy the tutorials without
being overwhelmed by boring instructions or difficult-to-understand terminology.

Makes us want to grab a camera and head out right now!