Motion Graphics


City of Sydney
Motion Graphics Director
Art Director
Graphic design

City of Sydney needed an explainer video that helped get across a new and emerging idea of “Resilience” – the ability for cities and individuals to continue functioning after a catastrophe. In this case, a cyber attack bringing down all telecommunications.

Given our dependence on our smart devices, the video asks how we would stay resilient, drawing attention to our real-life connections, rather than our online ones.

Paper Moose turned the concept into a funny script, and then played on the themes of social media, apps, and the aesthetic of our technologically driven world, and brought them all together with bright bold colours and an energetic buzz.

This helped lift a rather abstract concept, and one that people might not feel close to, and made it into something humorous and visually arresting.

City of Sydney loved the execution, and the video is now being displayed at conferences and seminars on the topic of resilience.