Kit Kat #DuoforLove

Nestle / KitKat
Tania Lambert
Art Direction
Production Designer
Sound Composition


JWT approached Moose to deliver a fun piece of branded online content for KitKat themed around Valentine’s Day. The concept focused on a PSA-style admission of guilt that KitKat’s tagline “Have a break” was causing couples to split up.
The KitKat Duo has been released especially to reverse this tragic epidemic.


Collaborating on the script, Paper Moose then moved on to original art direction, creating hand-crafted vignettes of couples over which the host delivered his important message.
Combined with carefully orchestrated camera moves through pools of light, the video moved along at a great pace through quirky environments made entirely out of cardboard,
from a picnic under an overhanging tree, to a boat bobbing up and down on 2D waves. This cute, crafty style was punctuated by custom-written music that perfectly fused the
themes of romantic comedy with an urgent PSA.


Both agency and client loved the visual style and the final execution of the video. It picked up over 700,000 views, 2000 likes, and 700 comments in its first week.
Did fewer people break up over Valentine’s Day thanks to the video? We’d like to think so.