Innovation Lab – Welcome to the Future – Presentation

Focus Creative
Paper Moose
Motion Director
Creative Technologist

Focus Creative approached Paper Moose to create an immersive experience for CBA to show bankers a future in which “banks no longer exist”, utilising futurist technologies and how CBA bankers can get on top of it now.

The Welcome to the Future presentation invited senior bankers to step into the future (ten years from now) of a farmer, private investor, and manufacturer, and view how their business operations will change as a result of new technologies and world wide trends.

Attendees were immersed in a floor-to-ceiling film projection across three walls of the room, with overlaid graphics and surround sound. The experience brought to life future technologies such as drones and 3D printing, and concepts such as buying water credits on a stock exchange. Presenters played the part of future business owners, and graphics responded to their gestures and stories for a complete futuristic experience.

Collaborating with Focus Creative we developed and installed the activation, producing the stories and animated the graphics supplied by Focus. Bringing the entire project to life from the ground up, we even built our own camera rig to capture the 280 degree footage.


The installation was a huge success and has since been commissioned to be expanded and reused for other purposes within CBA.