Motion Graphics

Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Sydney Opera House
Motion Director
Derek Lau

Sydney Opera House’s Talks and Ideas wanted a fun, engaging mini-series that would tie into their Festival of Dangerous Ideas, playing off the concept of dangerous ideas without acting as an outright promotion of the event.

Our creative team came up with an three-part animation series that explored various dangerous ideas and their progress through time: from ideas that were considered dangerous that eventually became the norm, to ideas that were once considered ordinary or safe that then became dangerous. The series ended pondering what the future of today’s ideas might be.
These intriguing trains of thought were then animated using a whimsical, handdrawn style that took the FODI aesthetic and turned it into a palette.

The three-part series launched three days before the festival kicked off, one being released each day to build up a sense of anticipation for the event, and act as a talking point. The client loved the style, and at time of writing, shortly after upload, they’ve had 30,000 views.