Equality Campaign

Australian Marriage Equality and Australians For Equality
Principle Co

In conjunction with their campaign lobbying for changes to the marriage act, A4E and AME worked with us to create this video bolstering support, communicating their values and launching their new logo.

As the centrepiece for a larger media campaign, the video showed people from all backgrounds coming together to paint a mural. The broader campaign looked in more detail at key supporters of the movement and these characters were introduced through our film. Our video aimed high in scale and energy, taking a cinematic approach to the story to engage viewers with movement, passion and emotion. The video was created for online and event usage as well as a 30s cutdown for TV.

The video was distributed on high rotation on a number of free to air and payTV channels for over 3 months. On Facebook the video went viral with over 400k shares and received positive coverage from The Guardian and Huffington Post.