Commonwealth Bank of Australia Permanent Interactive Installation

Focus Creative & Paper Moose
Creative Technologist
Animation Director
Josh Harle

The Innovation lab at Commonwealth Bank of Australia envisioned a permanent installation that would demonstrate to clients their forward-thinking focus as applied to key industries.

Focus Creative and Paper Moose proposed a gamified experience, placing the audience in the driver seat of four chosen experiences; as manager of a new mine site, a logistics company, a property developer and as an employee, in the near future. To be successful the audience or player needs to adapt to evolving scenarios, make decisions, and handle the ramifications.

Working collaboratively with the team at the Innovation lab the games were realised on fully interactive touch screens, with responses being played out instantly on a giant screen in a mixture of hi-spec graphics, animation, and pre-recorded video feedback, all accompanied by an assistant projected as a hologram.

The experience comprised four totally unique games, highlighting futurist technologies and trends likely to impact each of the key industries. With multiple outcomes possible per game, the tree of potential experiences was extensive, and most importantly, fun!

The installation was placed in the innovation labs in Hong Kong, London and Sydney, and was nominated for a Good Design Award.