Badu Gili

Sydney Opera House
Harrison Woodhead
Mark Taylor


Sydney Opera House launched a new yer-long light installation exploring First Nations stories, projected onto the sails of the Opera House.

To help explore the thought processes behind the project, its designs, and to showcase the glorious projections themselves, Paper Moose were engaged to create a piece of content that would go behind the scenes, stimulate the viewer, and provide engaging insights into this huge installation.


Paper Moose used interview footage with the team involved, and then blended this with fantastic cinematography that showcased the iconic building while tying it thematically to natural elements through a carefully curated sequence of originally shot wildlife imagery. This used the Opera House as a springboard for immersing the viewer in a visual language seeped in natural history, tying us back to the land from where these incredible First Nations stories come.

Once the viewer’s mind was settled in the natural world, from here these elements then get brought to life through the projections cast upon the Opera House sails.

It’s a mini documentary and visual journey all in one.


The Opera House were super pleased with how all the elements were tied together and brought to life on screen. It’s currently had 3000 shares and 250,000 views.