Ricardo Skaff


Ricardo Skaff is a director, writer and storyteller with a flair for the theatrical and a love of story in all its forms. He is driven by a passion for unique, funny and instantly shareable content and fuelled by his undying love for the medium of film.

In addition to his knowledge (some would say obsession) with the world of cinematic storytelling, Ricardo brings with him a love of the finer things in life such as a good whisky (single malt) and nice watches (of which he has none).

His wide-reaching and textured creative history has seen him work with everyone from Taylor Swift (snore) and Hanson (yay!) and sent him to the French Riviera for a film he dislikes intensely. It is his passion for bold, exciting and creative content that has brought him to Moose HQ. Ricardo hopes to make content that stands the test of time as something fresh, different and just that little bit more meaningful than the status quo.