Nick Gunn

Sound composer

Nick Gunn is a composer and sound designer. Alongside a lifetime of musical experimentation, he also has degrees in both communications and architecture. Nick is always searching new ways to bring these eclectic skills together, whether in the physicality of the perfect sound effect or the rhythm of colors on a page.

At Paper Moose, Nick has produced dozens of original scores and has spent uncountable hours holding a microphone next to anything that makes a unique enough sound. He works closely with directors and clients to find that just-right sound that brings so much depth to any project.

In addition to his work for clients such as Qantas, Telstra, General Pants and the City of Sydney, Nick composed for the highly successful ‘Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow’ project for Keio University and Subaru’s 2015 ‘360 Project’.

If you want to talk drum machines or the enduring value of traditional masonry, Nick wants to talk to you.