Clancy Gibbons

Graphic Designer

After completing her studies in graphic design at Enmore Design Centre in Sydney, Clancy’s career really began in London in the post production department of The Packshot Company, specialising in web, print and advertising. Two cold London winters later, Clancy decides home is where the heart is, not to mention the sun and new career opportunities.

Benefiting from her London experience, Clancy soon found herself fully immersed in Sydney’s freelance world, continuing her work in retouching. When a full time position in a leading Sydney Photography and Film studio, Mondo Digital, bustling with young talent presented itself, Clancy knew she’d made the right decision to come home.

Two and a half years later and Clancy was ready for the next step in her journey. She has returned to the freelance world and University to expand her creative knowledge and complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

In her work, Clancy draws mostly on her expertise in Photoshop for graphic design and retouching, however, illustration is her passion and where she is happiest