Christopher Stollery


Christopher Stollery is an actor. No, a director… Both an actor and a director. And a writer. And he edits. A bit. He actually loves editing the most.

Christopher has 25 years experience across all aspects of theatre, film, television and voice over industries. He has toured the stages of Europe with Cate Blanchett, (Gross und Klein 2012), played the Sydney Opera House with John Cleese (Just For Laughs 2011), and sung at the Old Fitz with Tim Minchin (This Blasted Earth 2004). He was also an Associate Artist with Bell Shakespeare Company appearing in 19 productions. As a writer/director his short “dik” has been exhibited across the world and won over 30 awards internationally including Palm Springs, Aspen and Best Screenplay at Flickerfest.

Paper Moose is comprised of young talented professionals – and although not all of these adjectives necessarily apply to Christopher, at Paper Moose he does get to do all the things he likes doing (acting, directing, writing, voiceovering and editing…a bit) and hang out with the kids that are experts at all the other things he can’t do.