VR & 360 Video

360 Experience

Paper Moose are continually looking for innovative storytelling tools and technologies. Hot from the pages of history, 2016 is the year of revitalized interest in virtual reality and 360 Video. Only this time all the key players are involved. Facebook and Youtube are offering responsive 360 experiences; while Google cardboard, Samsung and the Oculus Rift are giving everyone access to virtual reality.

We are ahead of this curve, boasting state of the art 360 and VR capture rigs, programmers and editors. In addition to our capability is our ongoing commitment to storytelling; we always endeavour to uncover the motivation for using these technologies so that the final execution is both a technical marvel and an engaging piece of content.

We are currently producing several 360 projects and look forward to sharing these with you.

If you require scoping or to see some of our preliminary tests email: nick@papermoose.com