UNSW 360 Campus Tour

Creative Director
Technical Producer
Systems Architect
Josh Harle
HMTL Programmer
Ulysses Oliver
Assistant Producer
VR Post Production
UX Design


UNSW wanted a tour of the university that brought their campus to life, using 360 video and clickable elements that fused live footage with an interactive prospectus. It was an ambitious, exciting brief, and Paper Moose leapt at the chance.



With no rule book for this kind of production, Paper Moose innovated solutions every step of the way, from devising new methods to tackle stitching problems across camera, to using multiple layer masks to ensure smooth movement of people in the scenes.

Once the scenes were shot, Paper Moose designed a series of interactive elements, from MUD maps to clickable buttons, all to ensure anyone watching would find it easy to navigate the virtual environment.

From writing the script to the last line of code, Paper Moose attacked every problem with new thinking to deliver an impressive, extensive tour across 17 locations, delivered and viewable across multiple devices.

Jump in, swivel around, and enjoy getting lost.