How to make an Election Smoothie

Jazz Twemlow
Jeremy Graham
Art Design
Amber Theron

Paper Moose wanted to create a piece of content that encapsulated the craziness and chaos of the election and all its media coverage in a simple, short video that was easy to follow, made people laugh, and got people sharing. We also wanted to maximise shares through a high joke-to-second ratio and by hitting as many “hot potatoes” as we could.

Playing off the popular Buzzfeed Food videos, we made a short and sharp video showing people how to make an “Election Smoothie”.
Each “ingredient” represented an issue in an easy-to-understand way.

From Paper Moose’s Facebook page the video reached 170,000 people, was viewed 100,000 times, and it was re-posted on The Guardian’s website.

Not bad for a bit of fun!