Everything’s Connected

City of Sydney
James Wright
Director of Photography
Fergus Cahill

The City of Sydney approached us to create four personal vignettes of Sydney riders using the cycle routes.

Interviewing a diverse range of people all across Sydney, we chose a range of residents who covered different socioeconomic groups and used the cycleways in different ways. Shooting these residents over eight days, we saw how they made cycling a part of their lives.


The videos reached a total audience of 382,834 in cinemas throughout the City.

Cycling numbers have risen by 82% over a 2 year period to March 2012, which includes the period in which Everything’s Connected was in market.

This campaign formed an important part of an overall effort to increase the take up of cycling by new/rusty riders, which includes marketing, behaviour change activity, building the cycleways network, safety education, and a general global trend towards revivalism.