Seaton Kay-Smith

Head Writer

Seaton Kay-Smith is a writer, and while he does have a degree in Human Movement Science, his real passion is comedy, acting and, as mentioned earlier, writing. Pretty much all the career choices that are proven to make you rich.

With credits which include; television, radio, film, theatre, print and now a greeting card, Seaton provides a comedic voice to Paper Moose’s professional arm, and continues to foster new ideas in their creative one.

Seaton is one of the founders of Paper Moose and counts the comedic short films and sketches among his greatest achievements within the business, not to mention all the really really great scripts that never got made.

If you want to chat to Seaton, -yes he does also have a certificate III in fitness, but he really can’t give you any exercise tips for legal reasons- ask him about film and television, he’s much more interested in that these days, or better yet, ask him about something completely different. Catch him off-guard. See how he likes that!