Rob Hughes

Creative Technologist

Rob Hughes is the Creative Technologist at Paper Moose. Originally coming from a sound design and theatre background before moving into interactive multimedia, Rob has projected images onto, played sound through, run cables under and put lights into a variety of weird and wonderful places, including a cold war era submarine.

In his role at Paper Moose, Rob investigates new ways to transform and interact with the spaces around us, both the physical and virtual, regularly making new control systems and user interfaces, custom to each project. All the while making sure that the technical details he loves so dearly don’t get in the way of the final creative output.

Rob’s recent projects include an interactive touch screen game for CBA, complete with a virtual assistant, a seven metre interactive touch screen for Sydney Opera House called ‘Unbroken Lines’, an interactive lighting installation aboard the HMAS Onslow submarine for the National Maritime Museum and ‘BeatDice’ for Vivid Sydney 2015 with his creative partner Toby K.

You should drop Rob a line if you want to talk about bitrates, lumens, resolutions, decibels or data packets, or why turning it off and on again just doesn’t seem to be working.