Dinalie Dabarera

Communications Designer / Illustrator

Dinalie Dabarera is an illustrator and a graphic designer. She began her storied working career as, among other things, one of Santa’s elves. So it was a relief when she finally started doing what she’s actually good (incredible?) at.

In 2015 Dinalie illustrated the children’s book ‘The Cat with the Coloured Tail’ – written by Gillian Mears. For this book she was a finalist for the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Crichton Award for best new illustrator. The book was shortlisted for numerous other awards as well …and is available in bookstores nationwide. Purchase today!

Dinalie brings her love of creativity and imagination into every project she works on, whether it’s large scale illustrations to brighten the walls of a children’s hospital or the section entitled ‘Appendix 14b: Detail of estimated averages’ on your annual report.

Aside from the above mentioned dream ‘children’s book’ project, some work shes proud of includes; helping the next generation of new Australians learn English with illustrations for the NSW Department of Education’s ‘English as a Second Language’ picture dictionary, and designing the whale tattoo that one lovely lady will have under her right boob forever.

Outside business hours Dinalie loves to loaf. When she’s not loafing she’s learning new skills. She hopes one day to be a master woodworker, a prized chef, an experienced potter and an artisan spoon carver. She would love to hear from you, whether you’re a lifter, leaner, loafer or lover… of learning that is.