Bryn Chainey


Bryn Chainey is an award-winning film director and screenwriter. His storytelling career began as soon as he could walk and talk; producing one-man shows and publishing short horror stories while still in primary school. At sixteen he co-wrote a stage adaptation of the epic Indian fable “Baital Pachisi” which featured a cast of 150 teenagers and was unanimously hailed as a disaster.

Bryn’s narrative short films have received global recognition, screening in over 150 film festivals across the world. In 2010 he was awarded the Emerging Director’s Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival from a jury led by Stephen Daldry.

Bryn spent the next five years in Europe making more award-winning short films while working closely with indie bands across the continent to create music videos with a narrative bent and handmade quality.

Now back in Australia, Bryn is collaborating with his new friends at Paper Moose to create pieces which are ambitious, unusual, and memorable. Bryn’s direction brings a firm foundation in performance with a unique eye for crafting unconventional worlds full of humour, personality, and meticulous style.