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Paper Moose is an award-winning boutique creative collective based in Sydney.
With specialised film, design and sound divisions, Paper Moose takes a holistic approach to creating content.




Art Direction & Styling for Aria club chart #1 Nicky Night Time – August 4, 2014

Our friends at Entropico have released their new film clip for Nicky Night Time, Everybody Together. Featuring Art Direction & Styling from […]

Guy Pearce and Gracie Otto shot for GQ Australia – July 21, 2014

Moose Director Jeremy Graham spent two days in the GQ studio shooting Guy and Gracie in promotion of their new […]

#Recyclingpays – July 6, 2014

#recyclingpays A 3.8 metre 10 cent coin, constructed from more than one thousand recycled bottles and 300kg of laser cut […]

New clip for DMAs recorded live at Studio 301 – April 11, 2014

“There are a lot of people in Sydney talking about Newtown’s DMA’s (and the plethora of splinter groups) and that chatter is […]